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Bach Suite III

Music   Johann Sebastian Bach Music, Suite No. 3 for cello in C major BWV 1009
Choreography   Francine Lancelot and Kader Belarbi
Adaptation of the choreography   Françoise Denieau
Sets and lights   Rémi Nicolas
Costumes   Olivier Bériot

Cello   Christophe Coin

In 1984, Francine Lancelot choreographies Bach-Suite, on the Suite No. 3 for Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach, for Rudolf Nureyev. In 2004, Kader Belarbi, Etoile of the Paris Opera, assisted by Françoise Denieau, from Francine Lancelot Company, creates Bach-Suite II. Bach Suite III, created on the 30th of January 2014 by four dancers of the Ballet du Capitole, resumes the same principles of these two works. It’s a border-piece which binds baroque tradition and free writing, on the Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite No. 3 for cello.

Bach Suite III is dedicated to Francine Lancelot

Bach Suite III is a continuation of what has already been made with the two previous versions, that of Rudolf Nureyev (Bach-Suite) and mine (Bach-Suite II). It is no longer a solo but a quartet consisting of two couples. Françoise Denieau, interpreter and assistant of Francine Lancelot, transmits to the dancers baroque concepts and scores. I extend her work with a new proposal as a variation on baroque parts. The Suite No. 3 for cello is a sort of walk, alternatively moderate and fast, with the colours of six danced moods.

                                                                               Kader Belarbi


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