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Creation by the Ballet du Capitole on April 13, 2016


Luigi Dallapiccola Music

Kader Belarbi Choreography and stage design

Michaela Buerger Costumes

Patrick Méeüs Lighting



For this new creation, Luigi Dallapiccola's Songs of Prison seemed ideal to me because of a strong expressiveness and great lyricism. They appeared to me as a resonant landscape from where emerge a complaint and meditation on the human condition. The movement and the inner song will be revealed by a male ensemble. The space interests me in a scenography of confinement and spreads out docile or resistant bodies. Moving walls dictate their commands to the dancers and demonstrate the skills of each one and the group to react. A story of spaces and a story of power. I take over the resonant landscape in order to make echoing stories of jailed male bodies.

Kader Belarbi

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