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The Dead Queen

La Reine morte

Ballet in two acts 

freely inspired by Henry de Montherlant’s La Reine morte (1942) 

and by Luis Vélez de Guevara’s Reinar después de morir (1652).


Creation by the Ballet du Capitole on 26 October 2011


Music   Piotr Ilyitch Tchaïkovski

Adaptation choreography and staging   Kader Belarbi

Sets   Bruno de Lavenère

Costumes   Olivier Bériot

Lighting   Sylvain Chevallot 


Maeterlinck considers that the writing alone in this play by Montherlant “is sufficient to justify living”. This monument of the dramatic arts tells the improbable, yet true, story of Dom Pedro of Portugal and his illegitimate wife, Inès de Castro, who strangely becomes queen after her death.

Using this troubling story to create a ballet, the choreographer Kader Belarbi addresses the theme of mad love thwarted by reasons of state, “persuaded that tragedy is one of the keys to deciphering the enigma of human actions and relationships”.

In a choreography that places great emphasis on neoclassical language, he reveals to us all the beauty and engravings of this “dagger with a handle inlaid with black and gold”.



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