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Choreography   Kader Belarbi

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar Fashion Design Students and Alumni will be representing Qatar in the Asian Games Fashion Show. The Asia Fashion Show is a dazzling show that is organised by the Cultural Events Program for the Doha Asian Games 2006. It is scheduled on the 5th of December during the games at the Al Dafna Hall Doha Sheraton Hotel.

It will be a lively and stunning showcase of Asian fashion taking on fashion as a culture, within a Qatari background. The theme of the show is composed of nine scenes of different durations that showcase design and modern culture in 20 countries, selected from the 45 participants in the 15th Asian Games.

Noor Al Ansari, Noor Jassim, Noor Hamad and Sarah Abdul Ghani will be displaying their designs for the Gulf scene of the show. “Our designs are traditional with a contemporary edge” explained Noor Al Ansari.

This lavish spectacle is directed by Olivier Massart and choreographed by Kader Belarbi. These renowned artists will guide their audience into the astonishing world of 40 designers, with 200 designs adorning 35 models. In addition to that an extraordinary collection from Kenzo will be part of the sequences; musical program scenes will also be included during the show.

Flooded with light, color, and sound, this journey for the eyes will invoke memory, innovation, tradition and modernity.

Two 40 minute fashion shows will take place on the same evening; the first one will be at 6:30 pm and will be dedicated to VIP female Audience only, while the second show will be at 9:30 pm and is ticketed to the public.

“The show will be more of a performance than a fashion show. All models participating are actually trained dancers. The show promises to be one of a kind.” said Diana Rizk, Performing Arts International Coordinator

“I am really proud of the girls. It’s a really big honor to be selected to take part in such an event. This show will help put Qatar on the world map of fashion.” said Sandra Wilkins VCUQ Chair for Fashion Design.




Director   Nils Tavernier

Choreography   Kader Belarbi

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where dancing had been for many years forbidden. Despite the ban made by her father, the young Princess Aurora kept dancing. She embodies grace. In order to save the kingdom from bankruptcy, the King has to marry his daughter to a wealthy Prince, and organize three sumptuous balls in the colors of the world. His intentions being told to the Queen, she tries to oppose her husband in order that her daughter marry the man she loves, the Kingdom's painter. Aurore has to choose between Crown and Love.


The oriental ball choreographed by Kader Belarbi

The carnal and sensual movements of a ball with orientalist fragrances greet Aurora's eyes.

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