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Director of Dance of the Théâtre du Capitole of Toulouse


The Ballet du Capitole is a ballet “of today“ in which dance is fed by a dialogue between different arts, times and styles. Ballet’s vocation is to illustrate the repertoire’s great classical works at the highest level, with all the demands imposed by respect for tradition. However, its vocation is also to present works that have been revisited, imaginary works and more personal writings with that same degree of rigour.

I love the idea of movement and motion. I want to establish communication and sharing around the creation, reception and spread of choreographic works.

It is with an artist’s spirit and work that I seek to build a radiant identity for the Ballet du Capitole de Toulouse, centring on a team and a theatre, so that the art of dance can participate fully in life.


                                                                                                          Kader Belarbi


              Théâtre du Capitole

                     BP 41408

          31 014 Toulouse cedex 6


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