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Thousand of thoughts

Created by the Ballet du Capitole at the Auditorium Saint-Pierre-des-Cuisines, April 13, 2016.


Gavin Bryars Music

Ángel Rodríguez Choreography and stage design

Michaela Buerger Costumes

Patrick Méeüs Lighting


The episode of the « Thirteen Roses » has just inspired me for my work. I do not want to tell with precision and detail what happened but, rather, to evoke the figures of women who are at the heart of these events. I want to emphasize the strength of these women and depict them as human beings full of contrasts and incredible resources.

This story is another terrible episode amongst all the horrors that took place during the Spanish Civil War. In this context, women have been forced to do things which they were not intended for. They had to be strong, to give the best of themselves. They had to be courageous, patriotic, intelligent, with strong characters ... qualities I am looking for in order to build Thousands of Thoughts.

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