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Creation by the Ballet du Capitole, March 10th 2006


Music  Georges Bizet, Rodion Shchedrin, Les Tambours du Bronx and Meredith Monk  

Choreography  Davide Bombana

Sound edition  Silvio Brambilla 

Sets, costumes and lighting  Dorin Gal



In a register both neoclassical and contemporary, Davide Bombana displays before our eyes the tragic and moving story of Carmen evoking by turns, destiny, sense of fatality, the love that devours and destroys. All this on a musical montage that combines provocative irony of Rodion Shchedrin's Carmen Suite to Les Tambours du Bronx through Meredith Monk, The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet and, of course, Bizet

IMG_3044 - copie

Dangerous liaisons


Creation by the Ballet du Capitole, April 2nd 2015


Music  Jean-Philippe Rameau and Walter Fähndrich 

Choreography  Davide Bombana 

Sets, costumes and lighting  Dorin Gal 



With Dangerous Liaisons, Davide Bombana chose to transpose into ballet a text from the eighteenth century, of an extraordinary modernity, in order to reveal the similarities between the Enlightenment and ours: a corrupt and corrupting society that digs its own grave. The passionate love that can go until death, lust, seduction, jealousy, manipulation ... all themes that serve as a guide in his choreography.

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