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Premiere by the Ballet du Capitole, 18 June 2014


Music  Johann Sebastian Bach, the Master Drummers of Burundi, 

Dario Moreno, Giù per la mala via (anonymous praise, 15th century)

and various tango composers  

Choreography  Catherine Berbessou 

Stage design and lighting  Marc Oliviero

Soundtrack  Anita Praz 



Despite its title, Waltzing is a tribute to the tango. In a ring and on dry land, men and women seek and find each other during a milonga dance. Choreographer Catherine Berbessou is convinced that the tango, which she associates with bullfighting, is a battle, and Waltzing therefore portrays her concept of «a combative form of tango» and expresses her «conviction that fighting can be a celebration».

In this piece, she has sought to create order from chaos, to play on ambivalence, and thus produce feelings that may seem to be incompatible in a single outpouring: violence in affection, desire in repulsion, waltzing in tango dancing... All of which is contrary to expectations.



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