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La Stravaganza

Creation by the New York City Ballet, at the New York State Theater, May 22nd 1997


Premiere by the Ballet du Capitole, December 5th 2012


Music  Antonio Vivaldi, Evelyn Ficarra, Serge Morand, Robert Normandeau

and Åke Parmerud  

Choreography  Angelin Preljocaj  

Sets  Maya Schweizer 

Costumes  Hervé Pierre

Lighting  Mark Stanley, adapted by Patrick Méeüs




Commissioned by the New York City Ballet, La Stravaganza staged its own story. From the beginning, it is about confronting a contemporary choreographer to ballet dancers, and Vivaldi to electronic and concrete music. This friction between two universes, a priori very different and which, however, manage to be symbiotic, is also found between sound and gesture. Harmony and disharmony of bodies.

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